Benefits to Having an HOA in Austin, Texas

Benefits to Having an HOA in Austin, Texas

As of 2023, there were roughly 23,300 housing communities in Texas. One-third of these owner-occupied homes were part of a homeowners association in 2021.

Some may view these numbers as problematic, especially if they dislike the idea of paying HOA fees or dealing with an HOA board. However, there are benefits you can look forward to in this kind of situation, such as HOA property maintenance. You may also increase the value of your property.

Here are some of the many benefits of having an HOA in Austin, Texas.

HOA Property Maintenance

Your HOA doesn't wait around to boss around homeowners in their neighborhood. They have their own responsibilities that extend into the overall maintenance of public areas and various amenities.

Communal area maintenance can include keeping sidewalks cleaned, maintaining swimming pools, and sporting areas in good condition. They're also in charge of maintenance coordination with homeowners such as scheduling landscaping services.

While homeowners take care of the inside of their homes, the HOA board takes care of the outside. They will fix areas like the roof and gutters.

Homeowner Accountability

Another role of an HOA is communicating rules and expectations to homeowners. They then enforce those rules through fines and liens.

For example, an HOA may tell homeowners what kind of structures they can build in their yards or when to put up and take down holiday decorations. They handle noise complaints, home occupancy limits, and parking rules. An HOA can also say the kinds of pets allowed and if they prohibit any breeds.

All of this is meant to hold homeowners accountable and keep the neighborhood a safe and comfortable place to live.

Increased Property Value

Even though some people aren't fond of an HOA's oversight, they can't deny that it does good things for community property value.

Some factors that can affect property value include a property's condition, any home improvements, and curb appeal. It's part of an HOA's job to keep homes in their best condition and looking as nice as possible. While they aren't directly responsible for interior home improvements, they are the ones who approve exterior ones.

More Security

Some HOAs go the extra mile by installing security systems to protect their homeowners. While this is an extra cost, it can help increase property value as well as keep their members safe from harm.

An effective security system may include surveillance cameras, access control systems, and walls and gates. Access control systems refer to keypads and card readers that keep people from wandering into restricted areas.

Trust in Your HOA

HOA property maintenance is one of the most important roles of a Homeowner's Association. They keep the communal areas in their best condition so your family can enjoy public areas like the park or even going for a leisurely walk.

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