How We Screen Your Rental Applicants in Austin, TX

How We Screen Your Rental Applicants in Austin, TX

An estimated 77 million Americans have a criminal record. While not all are for severe crimes, many are, including those for violent crimes.

That's why you, as an Austin landlord, must conduct a tenant criminal background check on all prospective tenants. If you don't, you risk having renters who can endanger your property, other tenants, and the community.

However, a criminal background check is just one of the tenant screening steps you must take.

Fortunately, our full-service property management company, PMI Heart of Texas, can handle the entire process on your behalf. Here's how we screen prospective tenants.

Conduct a Lawful Tenant Criminal Background Check

PMI Heart of Texas processes all rental applications in compliance with Fair Housing Guidelines. We determine an applicant's viability by investigating relevant convictions and how long ago they occurred. We also consider if these crimes indicate that they could be dangerous to other tenants or neighbors.

We also screen all types of tenants, whether individuals or families, in compliance with The City of Austin Fair Housing Ordinance. We process applications without regard to an applicant's:

  • Race
  • Color
  • National origin
  • Gender identity
  • Familial status
  • Disability
  • Religion

With our help, you can rest easy knowing your tenants have undergone legal background checks.

Verify an Applicant's Employment and Income Sources

Non-payment of rent is one of the most common grounds for evictions in Austin, TX.

PMI Heart of Texas checks all applicants' employment and income sources to lower your risk of dealing with non-paying tenants. It helps us confirm that they have the financial ability to pay rent in full and on time. Also, as a full-service property management company, we help simplify rent collection for you.

Perform a Credit History Check

PMI Heart of Texas also runs credit checks to assess all applicants' credit standing. These checks give us a clear idea of how financially responsible a prospective tenant is. For example, a good credit standing indicates they always pay their dues on time.

Review an Applicant's Rental and Eviction History

Having good credit standing or no criminal record doesn't automatically make someone an excellent tenant. While they may pass these criteria, they may have also faced previous evictions due to breaching their lease contract. Here are some examples of such breaches:

  • Intentionally failed to perform tenant property maintenance obligations
  • Smoked inside a non-smoking rental property
  • Caused property damage and didn't repair or remedy the problem

Those are just some of the reasons PMI Heart of Texas reviews all applicants' rental and eviction histories. We contact their previous landlords to learn about their behaviors. That lets us gauge whether a prospective tenant is responsible and will care for your property.

Let PMI Heart of Texas Find You Excellent Tenants

By partnering with PMI Heart of Texas, you can rest assured all your rental applicants will undergo a rigorous but lawful tenant criminal background check. We'll also review their employment, income, credit, rental, and eviction histories. We'll help you find responsible tenants ASAP, lowering your vacancy rate.

PMI Heart of Texas is a locally owned company. However, we're also a proud member of PMI, a property management company that manages over $50 billion worth of assets.

So, schedule your consultation today to learn more about our property management services!